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Please inform us about your food allergy or allergies and incase you have any special dietary requirements when making a reservation at any hotel of AMPV Resorts or at check-in time. You also can do so prior to arrival, when making your room reservation. We request this in order to meet all your needs for comfortable and enjoyable travel, including dining. However, please understand that we may not be able to accommodate severe food allergy needs. Please be aware of the following as you consider making a dining reservation:

·       Because allergy-causing ingredients may get mixed in with any dish or menu item served in our restaurants, please consult beforehand with your physician or health-care provider about dining at any outlet of AMPV Resorts and judge for yourself.

·       Menu ingredients are subject to change without notice.

·       Special menus meeting food allergy needs cannot be made if requested on the day of a wedding or a banquet.

I, the undersigned, acting for myself and on behalf of any of my co-guests and invitees for which I have the custody, acknowledge and agree, that the company with the name Amilia Mare Resort Rhodes (hereinafter the “Hotel”) reserves the right to refuse accommodation, cancel or modify existing reservations in its sole discretion for any reason, including if I (or any of my co-guests and invitees) am displaying symptoms of COVID-19 or in the Hotel’s determination, if my accommodation creates risks to other guests and employees of the Hotel.

I also declare and agree by the present that, during my stay at the Hotel, I will comply with the safety and protection measures set by the Hotel and the relevant Greek legislation, undertaking the full responsibility for any risks of loss, harm or any kind of damage related to my (or any of my co-guests) potential infection by the COVID - 19.

I am also fully aware and accept that the Hotel does not bear any civil or/ and criminal liability or responsibility for any costs, claims, liabilities or expenses that I or my co-guests may sustained as a result to COVID-19 and/or for any inconvenience I (or my co-guests) will be suffered, due to any precautionary measures applied during my trip and my stay for the purposes of protection of public health against COVID -19.

Finally, this waiver is committed for my family, heirs and/ or any authorized legal or natural entity. I declare all the information given in this form are true and correct. The present declaration/ waiver has been provided in compliance with the 2016/ 679 GDPR and the relative national legislation and shall be kept by the Hotel in the view of the protection of Public Health.

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